I started Terra Incognita because, above all, I love antique maps and cartography! I find old maps fascinating, beautiful and interesting works of art. Maps record the rise and fall of empires, the discovery and exploration of new lands and grand globe-spanning adventures. Owning a historic map is like having a window into another world and another time. We can see the world as our ancestors saw it, full of unexplored lands and strange monsters lurking in the seas. Today we live in the world of GPS and Google Maps and can’t imagine not knowing exactly what lies at the ends of the earth. But these old maps were sometimes the only idea ancient civilizations had of far-off lands and distant neighbours.

Unfortunately, many of these old maps are in museums and private collections. That’s why I strive to offer a variety of high quality antique map reproductions at an affordable price. Whether you are a collector of historic maps or a home decorator looking for a piece of art for your wall, I’m sure you will find something to your liking.

Enjoy browsing through our Map Gallery.