North Coast Of England, Waghenaer and Doetichum, 1586

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Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (1533 – 1606) was a Dutch cartographer, one of the founding fathers and most famous members of the North Holland school, which played a major role in the early development of Dutch nautical chart-making.

Between 1550 and 1579 Waghenaer sailed the seas as a chief officer. During these years he must have been in contact with Portuguese, Spanish and Italian seafarers. The knowledge on maritime charts and sailing instructions that he gained from these contacts were of great influence on his later work. After his career as active seafarer, he started working in the port. His first publication appeared in 1584, and was called ‘Mariner’s mirror’. This chart-book combined an atlas of nautical charts and sailing directions with instructions for navigation on the western and north-western coastal waters of Europe. It was the first of its kind in the history of maritime cartography, and was an immediate success. It was reprinted several times, and translated into English, German, Latin and French.

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